ADT Home Security Review


Home security is a must concerned matter for anyone who want to keep themselves feel secure in their own home. With a lot home security systems provider throughout the different parts of the world it’s always been some doubt on which one is best or with whom you want to rely for your home security.

There are some top notch home security system in the industry, you may have been easily fallen into get the best one but still once all the features, reviews and survey not conducted you could end up getting something you should not. Taking into consideration on all the top aspect for these system we have reviewed this fit for all home security system for 2018 is “ADT Home Security Review“.


ADT has a massive reputation when it comes to home security and indeed the users have encouraged others with boastful recommendations. ADT deliver  good number of  varieties including wireless systems and hardware. The myriad range of features of their services beautifully draws the users need and resultant a secured home security for everyone.

Moreover, ADT follows the international standard of home security and keep themselves upgraded with the latest features of technology world of their domain. For instance, they understand the users’ needs of voice recognition, WI-FI and GPS tracking. This proactive approach make them stand out tall in the home security system field and made us review them.

There services are perhaps slightly expensive for the people who are with some constraint(tight budget), but nonetheless what would be more better for the complete home security, since ADT is a complete solution for everything you desire for all around home secure.    


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • No Installation Fee
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Voice Recognition
  • Complete Environmental Monitoring
  • Several Monitoring Stations
  • Cancellation Policy is not strict
  • Mobile Accessibility


  • Slightly expensive than competitors
  • Long Term Contract
  • Number of equipments varies with packages
  • Technician required for Installation

ADT Security Equipment List

Equipment may varies with subject to packages*


  •  Control Panel
  •  Remote Control
  • Sensors


  •  Remote Control (Keychain)
  •  Wearable: Medical alert bracelet
  • Control Panel: Both Pushbutton and TouchScreen


  •  Sensors: Window & Door Entry, Garage Door, Motion Detectors

  • Cameras, Doo locks, Thermostat


How to Setup ADT Home Security System?

As mentioned a drawback that  it requires technician to setup it at your home and there’s no DIY Installation solution. Indeed it’s a lack here but see the benefit in this area too. If in case you’ve given a DIY installation guide to home security system and by mistake you could not able to follow the processes religiously you may face some trouble from it.

It cost installation charges which is 99$ by ADT, but few  companies do it free with some terms & conditions

ADT Home security services vs Competitors

By now,  the review is quite legit and engaging but what about ADT services with it competitors. Well, the name of any of its competitor shouldn’t be mentioned, but here but we take all the competitors collectively in our  review.

  • Name recognition: It's is trusted from thousands of users experience
  • The customer support is proactive with multiple monitoring centres across different places
  • It's pretty much synonyms of Home security from a decade or so
  • ADT services provides international standard equipments
  • User friendly contract plan
  • Cancellation policies are better than others

ADT Security Features

Read on for basic security features before getting it !

The list of equipment from ADT is in great number. You may have seen someone has some other equipment or you don’t or even complete vice versa. This thing typically  shows how drastically ADT provided users with a lot variety. ADT PULSE control panel has a nice looking menu option and all the function displayed on it. The other wide range of features are listed below:

  1. The ADT Pulse includes a control panel which all the featured integrated in accordance to your plan.
  2. ADT provides both Landline & Cellular connections. Indeed Cellular connections are the reliables ones but unfortunately it’s not available in few areas.
  3. Getting a top monitoring plan from ADT will ultimately gets you video surveillance on your mobile devices. Both the indoor and outdoor camera surveillance will be on your mobile device.
  4. Environmental friendly sensor includes smoke, dust, carbon monoxide, water leakage, smoke alarm, medical alert bracelets 

Noteworthy Benefits of ADT Security System in 2018

  • Saving on energy costs
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Complete Home Security solution
  • Automatic door lock if you have forgotten
  • Complete security for the family
  • Get riddance of cautions everytime

ADT Plan & PAckages

ADT offers 5 different packages which further has different equipments and monitoring. The cheapest plan are Essentials and Essentials Plus and they cost from $36-$44 per month.

The Premium package cost $45/month and it is called Total Protection. The 2nd last plan is Total Protection Plus & it cost around $47.99. 

ADT – Home Automation

ADT is a complete home automation system and comes under the umbrella smart home. Home automation simplifies the accessibility of full control over the  home with few IOT based devices communication with each other. Some notable ADT Home automation products includes Door Lock, Lights, Thermostats, Garage Doors, Doorbell Camera, Smart switches & Plugs.

How ADT security system works with Alexa?

Alexa is the best AI speaker and assistance for modern days. With Alexa now you can also integrate your ADT Pulse App for more coverage of accessibility across.



In case you don’t know what IFTT (“If this then that”) is, well it’s an app which makes communication between different apps, IOT devices and other apps to make the things done in awesome  flexibility.

With IFTT the ADT Pulse can communicate with IOT Devices like Nest Thermostat, Alexa and Other IOT Device too.

ADT Home security Uses Cases

As with all home security system they are predefined use cases on the basis of which the product usage comes into the use. Some use cases are as follow:

– Forgotten to lock the doors of  your home

– Set thermostat according to the need

– Air conditioned switched on while no ones in the room

– Garage door is open while the garage is empty

– Too much carbon monoxide in the room

– Fire break out and no alarm setup


ADT Home Security System 2018 in a Nutshell

ADT truly owns a home security domain and covered almost all the possibilities of securing the house no matter how big are they. They owns a pretty much high recommendations and reviews from their loyal customers. The technology advancement they grabs is beyond the reach of their competitors.

We certainly suggests from our contemplated review that if you’re are really going for your home security and then give a basic try to ADT  door locks and intruder  alarms. If this gives you satisfaction then get the best package which suits your budget and need.

ADt purely owns customers’ need which indeed adds more value to their services. Do get a ADT but before getting into contract read the local reviews on dealers because it may varies and we don’t take  the responsibility for it, at least solely in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADT equipments uses RF for signaling and control which comes under the Z waves.This protocol uses for the communication between home automation topology.

If you cancel ADT monitoring service, you’ll have to pay only 75% of the remaining charges

The interconnectivity between the Z waves enable device communicate with each other and this makes a complete connection of the home automation. The more robust the equipment is the more strong the security will be & ADT takes very good care of such aspects.

Yes, with the Pulse App you could easily control the alarms. You can easily take over the default setting and disable/enable any alarm you want.

"Great Solution For Home Security"


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